How Blackjack Games Work

Ever since the emergence of online casinos, the popularity of the game of blackjack has also increased. Almost all the major casinos like Gclub have this game. Now, more and more people are enjoying this game. You need to know the basics of this game before you start to play. The game of blackjack not only involves your cards but also considers the cards of the dealer. The game begins when the dealer deals 2 cards each to its players and one for himself. The players get the face down cards but the dealer gets a face up card so you know what the dealer has. After this the round of game begins. You get to decide whether you want to get another card, get a hit, or stand and keep the cards. You can also double down or split depending upon your cards. You are allowed to split only when you have 2 cards of the same value.

When you hit, the dealer will too have to hit. This way you will now have same cards the dealer has. The rules for a dealer are important in a game. The dealer will have to stand when its total beome17 and hit when the total is 16 or less.

The game continues till the dealer bust, you bust, you decide to stand or it is on the other player. When you win the game with 2-1 pay-out will work. If you get a 3-1 pay-out will also work in case you get a blackjack with cards of exact 21 total.

Dealer can make insurance to the players as well. You are even allowed to make side bets when you feel that the dealer has a 10 in a hole to start the game. If you agreed to the insurance and dealer has a 10, king, queen or jack, you will win the game. In order to make a successful insurance bets, you need to have a 2-1 pay out. This gaming process works when you are competing against the dealer in order to figure out the hand.

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